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I have reached the point in my self-development journey that it’s time to start making some money! I have been hanging out, hustling to do everything the hard way so if something doesn’t work – I will either be able to fix it, or move on to the next thing! I have so many ideas for so many income funnels it’s not funny! I really do need to hang back and just let it come to me…

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Yes – I’ve turned into some chilled… hippy… empowered… superhero like… boss babe who is ready to conquer! Compared to an angryyyy bird I turned into there for a bit… It took a few years to adjust to a Brain Injury and even still, I have a brain injury… Not had – but whatever… I own it 🤷‍♀️👊 …  I love that I have reached a point in my recovery, I have been busting my butt for the past two years and now I’m hoping my new ventures will allow me to live the life I have dreamed about for the past two years.

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There has been a massive… MASSIVE shift in my energy recently. I was contacted by one of my friends a few years ago to join a group of really supportive mummies who have created an income to live their best lives. It wasn’t the right time… I wasn’t in a good place so I’m guessing I would have failed. Now – I was drawn to one of my Facebook friends… seeing her posts all the time. Plant the seed and watch it grow!

I have found a group of people that align with my soul! It’s amazing being able to make an income from home, running after my boys as well as all of my other commitments and be supported 100% by my up line – It comes down to if they help me make money… they too will make money…

I LOVE  being able to sit at home, cuddling my babies, doing what most of us mums are guilty of – the f word… FACEBOOK! You literally get paid for doing what you do all the time for nothing! Why not make money so you can travel, do up your home, pay off your debt etc…I’m so in!

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I was in pain – I wanted to get out of debt… I wanted to improve my health and lifestyle so that I’m able to live my best life therefore helping my boys to live their best lives. I am so, so excited to be a part of a really supportive community business. I was just on one of our zoom meetings and met a lady who had a brain aneurysm and our stories are so similar! I actually sent her links to some of my blog posts I thought might help her.

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I now feel like I belong, like I finally belong. Think about it – none of these amazing humans were with me during that really shitty part of my life so I don’t even have to worry about judgement (not that I let judgement get to me anyway), but it’s nice that that’s a non-issue.

Your going to hear me ROAR!

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Aquo Xx

***3 years old***

***3 years old!***

Where have the last 3 years gone buddy! I can’t believe that I helped create such a caring, cheeky, helpful little dinosaur! 

I believe that my self-growth journey is helping me to be the best mum I can be to you and bruddah. Let me tell you that the traits you got from me will drive everyone crazy but will take you far in life baby. 

I want you to know that it is more than ok to be your own person and find your place in the world. I feel that with our village, you will grow up to be a decent human.

– I love how we have our own little handshake when you go to school in the morning, it makes my day!

– I love how Tuesdays are mummy and Jack days and how you make me read you books at night twice.

– I love how last night you said you wanted to say mummy’s prayer (guardian angel prayer) and you did baby, I’m so proud of the little dude you have become.

I love you more than anything in this world. I will do everything in my power to keep you safe without becoming an overbearing mother. You rock buddy!

Mummy Xx