My love of cooking

Since I was a little girl, I have loved being in the kitchen cooking up a storm. I loved going to cooking bees with mum or being involved in a big cook up at home. At nine years of age, I could prep and cook dinner for our family (6 of us). Still to this day, there’s nothing I love more than planning a cooking day at home, especially now I have a Thermomix AND a Bread Maker!

I love planning a cook up – planning what I’m going to make, in what order, what ingredients I already have at home and the ingredients I have to buy. I love grocery shopping these days, all hail click & collect! – Find a park, go in, walk to the front desk, sign and collect your trolley full of your shop, push trolley out, pack groceries into car – Done! In record breaking time!

Before I start, I get out every kitchen tool out and I wash up as I go. Having a clean work space makes you so much more productive! I find being as organised lets you fit more in to your day. I recently went and had a cook-up day at my mother-in-law’s and because I didn’t know were anything was, I only had time to make 3 of the six dishes (in 8 hours!)

I love how still to this day, mum and dad praise my cooking. I have never been afraid of experimenting with different flavours and I’m always looking at how I can improve my favourites, or anything I cook really.

Once I had my first child, I was always looking at what baby food I could make him. He ate from three months, and I mean he ate anything and everything! Pea & pear, pumpkin & sweet potato, apple & raspberry – just to name a few. I always said “your not going to be as fussy as your father!” Still to this day, he eats very minimal processed anything, I make him different snacks and he LOVES his veggies & fruit – at 2 years of age!

About 6 months ago my husband and I got a Thermomix, it legit changed my life! It’s worth every penny. It saves me up to $70 a fortnight shopping as I make most of the basics myself. Things like like bread, rice flour, pizza dough, spaghetti, you name it!

I make a mean spaghetti sauce, curried sausages, greek style baked fish (omfg!!!), banana bread, salmon, dill & caper pasta, quiche (which I make & freeze for my boys’ lunch), weetbix slice, choc chip muffin’s chocolate cookies and rocky road – just to name a few. My newest craze is Woolworths mudcake hacks! A cake that tastes amazing, chop the top off, add some prities & call it your own! win win!

I’ve started to pass my recipe book around to family members for them to write their winning recipes in, that way once their gone I will still be able to have my favourite foods.

If you enjoy an activity, make time in this busy world to do it! There is nothing I love more than a big cooking day! To make lunch snacks, dinners, the basics

Aquo Xx

Thermomix has changed my life!

Here’s a little bit on how life changing having a thermomix has been!

Many of you have heard me rave on about Theodore! – my awesome, life changing thermomix but some of you may be wondering what the bloody hell is this thermomix thing she keeps going on about?! I promise I will try and keep this under a five thousand word essay, no promises though! Haha.

A Thermomix is an all-in-one kitchen appliance designed in Germany and sold all over the world. It’s been around since the 70’s, the company is actually owned by a family, not a major corporation, so more personal touches and goodwill is involved. I’ve had one since late 2018, and use it everyday, a few times a day!

It replaces most of the appliances in your kitchen – mixer, blender, food processor, steamer, rice cooker, grain grinder, coffee grinder, nut and seed mill, milk frother, bread maker, yoghurt maker, ice shaver, pate and more. You only need one hand to operate it – that’s why my husband agreed that I should get one, cause let’s face it….. I would have gotten one anyway! Haha.

In my first few weeks I wasn’t overly confident using my thermo, but after a while I was using it to do literally everything! Make pizza dough, make different kinds of bread, ice cream/sorbet, butter, and so many different meals it’s not even funny! – Just to name a few.

You don’t necessarily need all the ingredients listed in a recipe (some have quite a few), you can substitute for healthier options. It was awesome I was introduced to thermomix when I was, I was in the middle of my fitness journey so I was already researching healthier options for all my meals – and the thermo makes awesome snacks that are next level healthy! One of my favourite substitutes is sugar for rice malt syrup (sucrose for fructose). The recipe will give you all the measurements of what you need to add but I have played around with this a bit and only add so much of certain ingredients so that whatever I’m making is better for you.

I can not believe how much time it saves! It’s so great, especially now I’m used to using it more and more, and we have our go to favourites – dinner is becoming faster every time I make something. If my son decides he’s having a velcro day, I pull a chair to the bench so he can help me, he LOVES being in the kitchen! It’s become quite easy for me not having a functional right arm, my husband even uses it! When I first got it I wouldn’t let him touch it – at all. He joked that he uses macheniery worth a quarter of a million dollars but I wouldn’t let him touch Theodore.

Some of my go to favourites (which I will include recipes to below for your convenience) include:-

*** recipes of & the recipe community.

Yes, since I hit the six month mark in pregnancy, I kinda eat anything, I still watch my portion control, but at least with the thermomix you know exactly what is going in your food.

Testimonials from actual people who introduced me to Thermomix had this to say:-

“As a mum of 5 young kids (12,7,6,3 &2) the best thing I have ever done is purchased a Thermomix. With the stresses of everyday life, adding into that studying externally with university, trying to raise five independent and decent humans, keep the hubby happy and all the rest that goes with being a house wife, I was starting to really dread meal times; especially when it came to trying to prepare a meal that was healthy and something everyone enjoyed.

My kids love pasta and pizza especially, so now with my Thermie, I can easily prepare homemade pasta, pasta sauce and pizza bases where I know exactly what goes into them, the kids get to help and everyone is being fed a wholesome, home cooked meal.

Thermie has introduced us all to a whole new way of cooking and to new flavours we would never have tried before. I have a whole drawer dedicated to spices now. My grocery bill has dramatically dropped, meal times are a lot less stressful and overall we are eating so much better then ever before.

I personally have had stomach surgery which limits my amount of food intake – so I’m very conscious of feeding my body as much good food as possible and limiting preservatives etc.

Thermie lives on my kitchen bench, as it is used daily, sometimes several times a day. From crushing up ice to make the kids a slushee, to my 7 year old using it to boil his favourite snack, eggs! Thermie will always be a part of our home and routine. It really is a magical machine that has changed our way of approaching food.” Kirby Guy – Thermomix owner.

If you are the slightest bit interested in the thermomix please get in contact with me! I will try answer all your questions or find the answers. If you would like to come see what it can do, give me a yell – I’m more than happy to show you!

Aquo Xx

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