Here’s what some professionals along with some friends had to say about your girl…


“Amy Aquilini has demonstrated what a person can achieve even when the chips are down. This determined young woman has taken on board the hand she has been dealt and made it work. After sustaining life threatening injuries Amy has fought back during her rehab and recovery and has proved hard work and determination pays off. Amy has turned lemons into sweet lemonade and now spends her time and energy promoting local businesses, her hometown of Ingham and helping those who are going through a similar injury recovery journey. I would like to personally like to wish Amy all the best with her latest venture.”

Nick Dametto MP.

“Amy is an inspiration. Amy is true example of the phrase “you can do anything you set your mind too” I’ve never defined Amy by a ‘pre or post trauma version’ of herself, the Amy you see today has all of the same, if not more, amazing qualities as the Amy I knew many years ago. However, the comeback Amy has made since sustaining a traumatic brain injury is nothing short of inspirational and incredible. I look forward to continuing to be inspired by her!”

Rebecca Smithwick

“Being there for Amy when she first came in to our little Emergency Department was one of those moments that solidified my choice of medicine as a career. Seeing her defy the odds to become an amazing young woman and mother has turned out to be one of the most satisfying moments of my life.”

Dr Stephen Dick PhD

“Larger than life Amy has made my heart swell and sing! Triumphantly taking on a near fatal accident and recovering with brain injury ….and yet… she roars! To have been part of your journey into and through motherhood has been so uplifting and satisfying. I’m better for knowing you Amy. You are such a good example and I watch with admiration your never give up attitude while being an imperfect human (as we all are) approach to life. Wishing and expecting every success for you Amy.”

Georgina Bosworth – Midwife and Lactation Consultant

“From the moment the accident happened we all knew that some how you would come out of it as you were always strong, a fighter & pig headed lol. It may have been hard at the start but with your family and friends staying by your side and picking each other up when things would turn shit you came though it. You had the will power, took the ups & lows but always had your head high with knowing you would prove people wrong. You put 150 % in everything you have achieved so much your married with 2 gorgeous little boys, own your house could not be any more pride of you. It pays all your hard work paid off.”

Kylie Biasi – Business Owner JKB Cleaning, Gardening & Party Hire

“Best wishes for the new plan and having the courage and commitment to take action.”

Nathan Henderson – Business Owner, Nutrien Harcourts Real Estate