Welcome to the Hinchinbrook Shire…

WELCOME! to the world of Aquo. Once bitten Aquos not shy – because I really am not shy! I started writing this blog as a hobby because being stuck at home with two baby boys (2 and 4 months) was driving me crazy!

What better way to use my – well, I wouldn’t call it ‘free’ time… but you get what I’m trying to lay down. I would love to see the Hinchinbrook Shire prosper again like it used to back in the day. This blog will come close to being the most real, raw blog you have ever read but in a POSITIVE way.

PACK YOUR BAGS AND COME TO VISIT US IN THE HINCHINBROOK PEOPLE! We have some of the most awesome places in the world! The beautiful beaches, islands, national parks – you name it! We are located right beside the Great Barrier Reef, Wallaman Falls and Hinchinbrook Island.

All of the photos added to this article are unedited simply to show you the raw beauty that our picturesque community holds.

Maxis at sunrise in the Herbert River District 2012 – Photo by Amy Aquilini
Danger Camp at sunrise – Photo by Amy Aquilini
Just outside the mouth of Gentle Annie Creek, Lucinda 4850 – Photo by Amy Aquilini
Catching these little bastards comes as quite a challenge! – Photo by Amy Aquilini
Sunrise somewhere in the Herbert River District – Photo by Amy Aquilini
Sunrise on the coastline – Photo by Amy Aquilini
Fishing between Lucinda and Taylors Beach – Photo by Amy Aquilini