For real, for real…

I woke up this morning and I felt my creative writing flair burning deep, deep down inside me. So much has happened in my life since I last felt the urge to write and the feelings I have now, I never want to disappear. I now know that everything in life happens for a reason – the tough times are chucked on top so the big fella upstairs can see what your made of… I’m here today to say ‘check mate!’

In the last 8 years since my accident, I really have been skull dragged over the sizzling coals BUT there has also been some beautiful times. Unfortunately the bad times started to outweigh the good times and I’m sorry but I deserve to be fucking happy! No – I’m not sorry, I’m not sorry anymore, not even a little bit… I was made to feel like I was the only problem in the situation because I have a brain injury – but with professional help and this wave of clarity that has come over me, I’m seeing things much, much differently.

I was sick and tired of being so sick and tired. I decided to do something about it – In the last few months, so many things have started to go right in my life… My boys behavior has improved ten fold, my pain levels are mellowing out, I’m putting away with my side hustle, I’ve had a few interviews starting to get myself out there (add url), I’m still having a decent chop at my PT Course that I was so stressed about, I’m a better mother, daughter and empowered af woman! You may see me differently, and that’s 110% ok, what you have to say about me is none of my business. I don’t think there would be many people out there that could walk half a mile in my shoes and survive… I know who I am and could not give two shits about what you or anyone else has to say…


This is me being the energy I want to attract to my life… I AM THE ENERGY I WANT TO ATTRACT… I AM DETERMINED TO MAKE MYSELF HAPPY… … COME AT ME!

Here’s a few things I have learnt –

> You don’t owe ANYONE an explanation EVER
> YOU and only YOU can control the way you react to situations
> NOBODY can make you feel inferior without your consent
> NEVER EVER EVER stop working on your self-development

I’m on a mission to create the life I want to live…

Stay tuned for more updates – they are on THE way!

Aquo Xx

Once bitten Aquos not shy…

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Aquo. I’m outgoing, impulsive and straight down the line – most of the time. Three years ago, I started the blog Once bitten Aquos not shy… where I write about my accident, injuries, how I’ve rebuilt myself (into a freaking awesome human being if I must say so myself) and more recently about the fact that I’ve found my purpose! I have joined this group called Mummies on a mission – everything about this amazingly supportive group aligns with my soul! I’m digging deeper to try and release my inner phoenix by jumping in the deep & develop a kickass startup! 

I had a horrific quad bike accident on 14th September 2013, maybe you saw me on the news, in the papers, or maybe you were following Aquo’s Page on facebook. I would love to be a support system for others that have similar struggles to me, or those that are going through a hard time that need a bit of respite.

Fast forward five odd years and my speech & language skills have developed in leaps and bounds. My behavior has advanced in leaps and bounds – because I have a traumatic brain injury (TBI) as a result of my accident, it took me back to being like a 12 year old child. My speech, my behavior – everything. It was hell to say the least.

Throughout this journey my family and I lost the support of our extended family and most of our friends, personally & collectively. I guess they just couldn’t deal with the dramatic changes that were happening at the time, depression, anger, you name it. Thank you to these people, you have taught the six of us to be better people, and you have showed us how strong we really are. We are now the closest we have ever been, it’s an amazing feeling.

I personally have lost 75% of the people I called ‘friends’ before my accident and I’ve come to realize that that’s OK. I have rebuilt myself and I’m now a better person than I was before, I’m stronger both mentally and physically and I’m a hell of a lot more successful. I’m so much more mature now, and thinking about it, the people I did call friends before my accident, I wouldn’t have anything in common with now.

Now – I’m a positive influence in the Hinchinbrook Shire – I hold no grudges, malice or anything like that to my past, present or future – I’ve been given a second chance and I’m going to use it in the most positive way I can to be the change I wish to see in the world.

If you choose to follow me and a post catches your attention, please, please drop a comment, I’m not going to hide behind my blog. I want to be involved with the people, the community. On the main page you can also sign up to receive updates on my blog.

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it was easier; wish you were better.” – Jim Rohn.

Help me to make this adventure great!

Aquo Xx

Aquo pre accident, 2012.

Mummies on a Mission…

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I have reached the point in my self-development journey that it’s time to start making some money! I have been hanging out, hustling to do everything the hard way so if something doesn’t work – I will either be able to fix it, or move on to the next thing! I have so many ideas for so many income funnels it’s not funny! I really do need to hang back and just let it come to me…

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Yes – I’ve turned into some chilled… hippy… empowered… superhero like… boss babe who is ready to conquer! Compared to an angryyyy bird I turned into there for a bit… It took a few years to adjust to a Brain Injury and even still, I have a brain injury… Not had – but whatever… I own it 🤷‍♀️👊 …  I love that I have reached a point in my recovery, I have been busting my butt for the past two years and now I’m hoping my new ventures will allow me to live the life I have dreamed about for the past two years.

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There has been a massive… MASSIVE shift in my energy recently. I was contacted by one of my friends a few years ago to join a group of really supportive mummies who have created an income to live their best lives. It wasn’t the right time… I wasn’t in a good place so I’m guessing I would have failed. Now – I was drawn to one of my Facebook friends… seeing her posts all the time. Plant the seed and watch it grow!

I have found a group of people that align with my soul! It’s amazing being able to make an income from home, running after my boys as well as all of my other commitments and be supported 100% by my up line – It comes down to if they help me make money… they too will make money…

I LOVE  being able to sit at home, cuddling my babies, doing what most of us mums are guilty of – the f word… FACEBOOK! You literally get paid for doing what you do all the time for nothing! Why not make money so you can travel, do up your home, pay off your debt etc…I’m so in!

click here to check out what I’m crazy about!

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I was in pain – I wanted to get out of debt… I wanted to improve my health and lifestyle so that I’m able to live my best life therefore helping my boys to live their best lives. I am so, so excited to be a part of a really supportive community business. I was just on one of our zoom meetings and met a lady who had a brain aneurysm and our stories are so similar! I actually sent her links to some of my blog posts I thought might help her.

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I now feel like I belong, like I finally belong. Think about it – none of these amazing humans were with me during that really shitty part of my life so I don’t even have to worry about judgement (not that I let judgement get to me anyway), but it’s nice that that’s a non-issue.

Your going to hear me ROAR!

Jump on our site and have a look, comment, share, like – IT’S TIME THE WORLD HEARS ME ROAR! 🦁🦁🦁

Aquo Xx

***3 years old***

***3 years old!***

Where have the last 3 years gone buddy! I can’t believe that I helped create such a caring, cheeky, helpful little dinosaur! 

I believe that my self-growth journey is helping me to be the best mum I can be to you and bruddah. Let me tell you that the traits you got from me will drive everyone crazy but will take you far in life baby. 

I want you to know that it is more than ok to be your own person and find your place in the world. I feel that with our village, you will grow up to be a decent human.

– I love how we have our own little handshake when you go to school in the morning, it makes my day!

– I love how Tuesdays are mummy and Jack days and how you make me read you books at night twice.

– I love how last night you said you wanted to say mummy’s prayer (guardian angel prayer) and you did baby, I’m so proud of the little dude you have become.

I love you more than anything in this world. I will do everything in my power to keep you safe without becoming an overbearing mother. You rock buddy!

Mummy Xx 

Everybody wants to eat…

I heard a freaking amazing motivational speech one day while I was warming up at gym… I still remember where I was, what I was doing – like some kind of trans – what pulled some serious heart strings was “Everybody wants to eat… but only few are willing to hunt!” – and you know what! THAT RELATES TO ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE!

So my question to you is this:- are you a man or are you a mouse?

And I have a few more that may help you identify you’re why…

How bad do you want it?

What will you, and what will you not fight for?

Who will you, and who will you not listen to?

Like a great man once said – find the people that’s lives resemble what you want your life to look like, then just do what they do… it was worded better than that, but that man was Tony Robbins. I did think that he was the most amazing man on this planet… BUT then I realized he is just that – a man.

I used to be all scared of professionals like they were superheros or something. BUT they are just people too – people who aren’t scared of change, who can think on their feet, who don’t listen to the naysayers…

Everybody has a past – good or bad, but it is just that, THE PAST. I’m trying to look for some statistics to put in here but what I have found from personal experiences is that the more spirited young adults seem to go further in life then those that play by the rules every step of the way…

That’s how I know, I know deep down in my bones that I’m going to go far in life!

Watch this space!

Change is coming… like so much change is coming now – and quick! It’s ALMOST too overwhelming… almost… but you know – It’s me… and I’m pretty sure everyone has started to realise that I don’t do anything by halves.

Much love,

Aquo Xx


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I want to ask you a few questions…

What was the moment in your life where you felt most motivated?

What are you holding onto that’s holding you back?

People say life is short. Why do you do so many things you don’t like, and like so many things you don’t do?

What was the moment where you felt most grateful?

What job would you do if you weren’t paid?

31 Amazingly Motivational Picture Quotes About Hard Times

OK… well… maybe a few more than a few… but this is my why… – I want to help you. Look at how much I have been ‘helped’ in some way, shape or form in the last seven years?! Like omg! I strive to do EVERYTHING in my power to make this world a better place.

I would appreciate your support at my launch event tonight at 7pm QLD time! I have formulated a pretty kickass plan for creating a residual income whilst being a stay at home mum with a disability.

If your free, I would love your support, I am so passionate about this venture that I wanted to share with you what exactly I am doing 😊
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It’s all online, it will be brief about 20 minutes, you can tune in from home on your phone or laptop.
We only have minimal spots open for guests so I would truly love to have you be a part of this.
If you ARE interested – please comment on this post. All you will have to do is log into Zoom, which takes like 20 seconds and click on the link I share in the comments later today!

I am so, so blessed that my life has turned out the way it has… perspective is everything!

Aquo Xx

This is how…

People ask me all the time – ‘How, how in god’s name do you what you do?!’ – referring to me being a zoo keeper, CEO of our house, building an empire and everything else that comes with it.

I’m not trying to make people feel like crap… that’s the last thing I want to do! I’m trying to show the world that ‘anything’s possible! – but you have to be hungry, like really hungry, starving to want to take control and change your life.’

Untitled design

This is how I have rebuilt myself. Well – that and the attitude – Ready… Fire… Aim that I have adopted… Every second of my day is planned out. My days start anywhere from 4-6am depending on my time schedule for the day. I have become very disciplined with listening to my body so throughout the day, if I loose concentration etc. I will get up, go do another load of washing, stretch, make a potent cup of coffee, go for a run… Something that will help me to completely refocus – and then I return to doing what I’m doing.

Not every mother can achieve this – AND THAT’S 150% OK! Not every mother has been through a traumatic life event such as myself – essentially that is what has given me this new perspective… this want for a better life, the ‘I’m larger than life… NOT  bulletproof’ attitude.

That stick sticking out of my ass is getting longer everyday… But hey – I put it there. It’s 100% OK because I’m the most real… authentic… most down to earth bird you will ever meet and I own every behavior that feeds out of my being… Even the shit ones… You may not agree with me, and that is also OK… It is a million % OK for people to have a difference of opinion. It doesn’t have to be – “oh they lied” or “That’s not what happened” – no 2 eyes see the same thing and as humans, we as a species do not have the best communication skills…

I’m all about the energy these days! I’ve turned all hippie like… I love my Reiki, massages, being in-touch with my body, etc. It has helped me not overcome my pain – I will always be in pain, the trick I have mastered is being able to not even think about the P word… I have let pain be the driving force behind my purpose.

I wake up in the morning, coffee, exercise (OMG A WEEK AGO I STARTED SEEING DEFINITION OF MY ABS!) then I just let my day pan out how the universe intends it to…  and I attack the most critical tasks that need to be completed. I make sure I’m showered with a clean kitchen before my 10pm bed time – I have a very strict sleep schedule. I’m really lucky in the sense that both my boys now sleep through. It’s all good.

“This determined young woman has taken on board the hand she has been dealt and made it work.” – Nick Dametto MP


Aquo Xx


It is all happening today… clothes done, house cleaned-ish, both boys going off because I won’t let them drive monster trucks through the puddles out in the driveway… In the rain and now they’re asleep let’s get down to business.

Click here to get a better insight into what AQUO’s all about!

Aquo’s social media packages start from a basic solution through to a complete social media campaign hooking you up by advertising on our already built up Facebook profile and/or WordPress website or creating/optimizing you very own Facebook business profile and/or WordPress website.

The cost of our social media packages are designed to help small businesses in the Hinchinbrook Shire who:

  1. Want the competitive advantage of a professional social media marketing agency without hiring in house.
  2. Lack the time and resources to grow your brand on Facebook/WordPress effectively
  3. Want more than simply posting, and wants to grow your social media profile(s) organically and increase your reach
  4. Wants to increase overall revenue via social media.

If this sounds like your Hinchinbrook small business give me a yell, I’m more than happy to help! Jump on AQUOONLINE.COM and have a look around 🙂 and if it doesn’t that’s ok, have a lovely day.

Aquo Xx


Larger than life… NOT bulletproof!

Wow… so much has started to happen since making the transition to running a business rather than being a lost soul roaming the streets… you know – like a zombie. I’ve come to the realization that “I’m larger than life… NOT bulletproof!” It’s almost making my head spin but I have been able to compose myself to help conquer this Shire… then the State… then the WORLD!

It amazing how much personal growth can happen once you realize your own superpower – mine is INSPIRATION! I have made a comeback like no other and you will be happy to know I’M NOT STOPPING NOW! or not… I don’t really care. Once you loose the requirement of other people’s validation the only thing that can stop you is YOU! 

I feel so empowered right now it’s not funny… BUT I WILL NEVER STOP LAUGHING! I will be that person standing up the front, you know – because I’m an extreme extrovert… who laughs inappropriately, whether I mean to do it or not – you will never know…

So let’s get down to business…

As things are going to have to change business wise coming back from COVID-19, I am offering cheap, like dirt cheap services to see Hinchinbrook come back better than ever and give Corona the big… fat… finger! 😏I am just servicing Hinchinbrook presently but am looking at expanding my services once I form a kickass team!

I specialize in using the WordPress platform just so you know.

Give me a call so we can discuss your options, there are so many different options available, it will make your head spin! – mine does.

We also offer services such as business advertising for everyone – whether your a one woman, or man show like me or you run an empire, we discuss your ideas, I go away and make magic happen!

And remember – stay positive, that is the only way we can progress from where we are now!

Aquo Xx


I really didn’t want anybody to know about this… not my husband… not ANYONE! I just wanted to sweep it under the carpet and pretend it never happened – you know… like a little b^%ch… but then I look up at my inspiration wall and read “Don’t be a little bi^%h” – Aquo… that’s right I said it. Guess it’s time I owned my own baggage…

I have always kind of been ashamed to use my disability card because I know I have bought myself back to be an abled body again – not completely at the moment – that will take time yet. I mean it’s been six years since my accident and I have just started to be able to move my hand from side to side (supernation & pronation) and I’m getting a bit of flexion at the elbow – It’s almost time to start working on my right hook again. Yeah – that’s not going to happen… I’m a lover not a fighter these days… The world needs more lovers than fighters now more than ever, there is so much evil out there.

I think I have just turned into an adult… a real adult! See – I wasn’t an adult before my accident, I was far from it! Then when I had the accident I spent years behaving as if I was a 12 year old child all over again – not by choice I might add. That’s what happens with traumatic brain injuries, they really are a silent disability that not many people can understand. I’m lucky I have some awesome neighbors who I feel I can talk to but I still feel like nobody understands me.

I think it’s pretty a incredible comeback I have had to this point… and I’m not done yet! I have this incredible drive and energy going on that has helped me level out a lot! It has helped me overcome some demons that I’ve seen take down some of the strongest people. The mind has a lot to answer for – no two people see the exact same thing… in any situation… ever!


This brings me back to sugar cane farming – I can honestly tell you from personal experiences that the reason there are so many marriage breakdowns, cheating scandals and the like, in this district, and probably every other sugar cane farming districts, is because no two people see the same thing… no matter how united they are.

This is because of decisions made back in the 90’s are still affecting some farms out there now – and let me tell you, it sucks – it sucks on a different level. This is what nobody understands, it’s always oh the poor farmers, the poor farmers and then the other party is labeled the homewrecker… How about the other party? why should farming mean they are supposed to be unhappy?


It has always been my life’s plan to end up being a farmers wife, but let me tell you – that label comes at a high price – your mental health! Kudos to all the old birds that are out there who stuck through the really really really hard times and came out the other side swinging! I think why this is affecting me so much is because it has become a massive, massive distraction from my boys and my startup – Building an empire is full on, but I know I have it in me, I have the drive to get what needs to be done, done and set up an add on to our empire.


What’s even cooler is how my personal development over the last few months has helped me grow in so many ways, and understand how to manage my life better to achieve more in the 24 hours god gives us everyday! It has helped me focus on what really matters (my family) and has proven to me that “adulting is harddddd!” – but it’s all good! I am now so so strong, how do I know this – become a farmers wife and you will see!


Aquo Xx